BSC Solutions

BSC Solutions provide  honest, impartial advice to businesses which helps them make the most important decisions for their company's IT backbone and software requirements. CommuniG8 have provided BSC Solutions with server and network configuration and management support. CommuniG8 and BSC Solutions have also worked together on numerous collaborative projects.

Cameron, Ferriby & Co.

Cameron Ferriby & Co is East Yorkshire's leading Chartered Accountants' practice. CommuniG8 has worked for Cameron Ferriby & Co analysing their existing IT infrastructure and made recomandations for further development.


CommunityUK specialises in bringing communities together with free Wi-Fi Broadband and other telecommunications services. CommuniG8 have done a number of different things for CommunityUK. This includes: installing and configuring a Zimbra email server for their community portal site; consultancy on the internal design of their community portal site; Zabbix network monitoring for their public Wi-Fi broadband service infrastructure and consultancy on the design of the core network.


Woopra is an advanced web site analytics supplier. CommuniG8 produced a Joomla! Module that can be used on Joomla! sites to log site activity via Woopra.