by acls us Launch Event, 16 July 2010, Warren Park, Havant, Hampshire


CommuniG8 has had an involvement for a while now. The Zimbra based e-mail service provided as part of the Leigh Park CommunityUK Free Wireless Broadband Project was installed and configured by CommuniG8. So it was with a high of anticipation that I attended the launch event for the first zone of the project at Warren Park on the 16th of July.

This was a relatively small event but was attended by people with a real and tangible interest in the project. Not just the committed staff from CommunityUK and other associated businesses (such as CommuniG8), but volunteers, local and national Politicians, and very much by no means least, members of the local community who this is all about.

The session was lead by Peter Reed-Forrester the Managing Director of Peter, is very keen to draw attention to the concept of Community Networking as a more local and personal version of the idea of Social Networking. Where the local Community can utilise a shared network to form bonds of common interest and share information relevant to the local community. This is supplemented by information provided by local businesses, education providers and government agencies. All delivered by a shared Community Portal web site that gives access to all this information and provides other services such as free e-mail.

The project team at are to be commended on their utilisation of resources, particularly of a financial nature. This project has been delivered at a fraction of the cost of similar projects undertaken elsewhere. The Free Wireless option is a 2Mbps offering providing the level of service the Government are now promoting as the starting point for paid services.

Their plan is to role the service out over the Leigh Park area and then start to deploy in other areas.

For further information;

The CommunityUK Leigh Park Portal -

Overall 4 out of 5.