CommuniG8's new Network Monitoring Service


      You cannot manage what you cannot measure


The current trend towards Virtualisation and Cloud based Hosting creates a number of challenges for Service Users and Hosting Providers. How do Hosting Providers and Service Users verify that the level of service expected and paid for, is actually being delivered?

Service Providers reporting on the services they provide themselves, may be open to a conflict of interest. Service Users are often not in a position to monitor the hosted services they utilise. After all, a major reason for using these services in the first place is to reduce complexity. This is where an external, third party, network monitoring service fits in. Allowing service users to monitor their services without the need to implement their own network monitoring systems.

CommuniG8 now provides a hosted Network Monitoring Service based on Zabbix technology. Click on the link below to try it.


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Sample Network Map