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CommuniG8 are able to offer a high standard IT services to small to medium size businesses. In addition to advising your business on how to best use information technology, we are also able to implement the IT systems for you. Specialising in Infrastructures, Technical and Computer Operations Project Management, with 30 years experience of IT Systems Management, IT Facilities Management, Project Management, Hosting and Technical Consultancy. Working with both Propriety and Open Source Projects in environments ranging from Mainframes to Servers to desktops. We are certain that we will be able to help you with any issue your business has.


Open Source and Internal Projects

  • Open Source Utilisation - Utilise Open Source Solutions within your business and take advantage of advanced software systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Joomla!, Coova, Zimbra, Zabbix.
  • Asterisk VoIP Telephony - Implement an Asterisk based VoIP solution within your business and experience the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Asterisk.
  • Network Monitoring Services - Based on Zabbix technology, a Network and Server monitoring service to track the performance and notify of any outages.
  • Visit-Watcher - CommuniG8 are currently looking to trial our new Visit Watcher service with organisation that want to monitor deliveries and collections or visits to customers, suppliers or contacts.



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